Welcome to Pamlico Divers Diver of the Month page.  Pamlico Divers will be awarding our guests with a "Diver of the Month Award".  If you don't see your picture here, you just may have to come join the competition.  Join the fun, adventure and make some great new friends.... 

Diver of month for March 2013 is Scott Rose (Dad)

Scott Rose(Dad) has been certified since 2000. Just after Tracy and I got certified we got dad into it. Growing up around the water he took to it very well. He enjoys all aspects of diving from being a recovery diver on the Sidney Dive Team, looking fossils on fossil ledge, to hunting stone crabs on the jetty.   

  • # dives - 251
  • Certified in 2000
  • Deepest dive - 127
  • Longest distance traveled to dive - Florida
  • Favorite wreck - Spar
  • Favorite shore dive - Radio Island
  • Favorite reef - Fossil ledge
  • Favorite Marine animal - stone crab
  • Favorite dive movie -  Sactum
  • Certified in Nitrox, Rescue, Full face, search and recovery, Dive Master, Spearfishing, Drysuit, Public Safety(ERDI)

Scott Rose (Dad)

February 2013 Diver of the Month awarded to: Ron Holloman
Ron, never thinking he could dive due to an inability to equalize the pressure in his head, visiting family in Florida, his brother-in law got Ron into a pool with some scuba gear and showed him how simple it was to clear his ears.  After completing his open water class a whole new world opened up and Ron wondered why he had waited so long to learn to dive. Ron finds Scuba Diving to be the extremely relaxing and one of the most enjoyable sports he has ever tried. "I am totally at peace cruising around underwater and fascinated by the diverse life that is so abundant and different from the creatures that live above the surface of the water".  In the ten years that he has been diving Ron has earned several certifications and he used his training to assist in closure to a family of persons missing underwater.  Ron is also a member of the Sidney Dive Team.

  • Padi: Dive Master 7/2007
  • Master Scuba Diver10/05
  • Dry Suit 5/07
  • Rescue Diver 9/05Nitrox 9/04,
  • with Specialty Certifications for Deep, Wreck, Night, Drift, Search & Recovery, + OTS Repair Tech.
  • Black Water Diver with the Sidney Dive Team
Dive Destinations:
  • Cozumel, Mx
  • Bonair
  • St. Marteen,
  • St. Barts
  • British Virgin Islands
  • Favorite Drift Dive (Rainbow River)
  • Favorite Wreck (The Vandenberg)
  • Favorite Shore Dive: Radio Island
  • Favorite Marine Animal: Octopus
  • Favorite Dive Movie: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
  • Deepest Dive 132'
  • Coldest 38 degrees F.


Ron Holloman

January 2013 Diver of the Month awarded to: Jay Morgan
Jay was my first student and has come along ways since then.  Jay volunteers his time with the Bath Fire Department as Assistant Chief and Sidney Dive Team as a Recovery Diver.  He is a farmer and also works for Catfish Diving and Salvage when needed.  Jay enjoys diving with his wife on vacation in the Carribean and you sometimes see them at Fantasy Lake Scuba Park.  We will see you underwater Jay
  • Number of Dives (180)
  • Certified 2004
  • Deepest dive (85ft)
  • Longest distance traveled to dive (St Martin)
  • Favorite wreck (Cali, Grand Cayman)
  • Favorite shore dive (Grand Cayman)
  • Favorite Reef Dive (Palancar Reef Cozumel)
  • Favorite marine animal (Carribean Reef Shark)
  • Favorite dive movie (Into the Blue)
  • Certifications (OTS repair tech, DM, Drysuit, Nitrox, VIP inspector, Rescue, CPR, First Aid, O2)
  • Coldest Water Dive (38 Degrees)


Jay Morgan

December 2012 Diver of the Month awarded to: Jimmy Younce
Jimmy Younce AKA (Catfish) owns and operates Catfish Diving and Salvage.  Catfish took the lead role in 1994 to develop the Sidney Dive Team. That is where I first met Catfish in 1999 when I joined the team. Catfish also owned and operated Ralph and Younce Lumber Co in Pantego, NC.  He loved diving so much he then started Catfish Diving and Salvage. You can view his website at www.catfishdiving.com Check out some of his work. It includes railroad repair, waste water ponds, salvaging yachts, helicopter rescue diving, and much more. Here are a few things from his Dive Log:

  • Number of Dives (11,830)
  • Deepest dive (130ft)
  • Longest distance traveled to dive (Hawaii)
  • Favorite wreck (The one he is salvaging)
  • Favorite shore dive (Hawaii)
  • Favorite marine animal (Brown water snake, because it is not a water moccasin)
  • Favorite dive movie (Sea Hunt)


Jimmy Younce

November 2012 Diver of the Month awarded to: Amy Arnold
Amy is one of our new newest divers but well on her way to being one of the best. Amy has enjoyed year around competitive swimming for years. She is a great artist and actor. When she is out diving with us she enjoys Spearfishing and exploring shipwrecks. 
  • Number of Dives (25)
  • Deepest dive (110ft)
  • Favorite wreck (W.E. Hutton)
  • Favorite shore dive (Blue Grotto, Florida)
  • Favorite marine animal (Whale)
  • Favorite dive movie (Free Willy)
  • Coldest water (54 degrees)
  • Year certified (2012)


Amy Arnold

October 2012 Diver of the Month awarded to: Marty Wood
  • Number of Dives (81)
  • Deepest dive (103ft)
  • Greatest distance traveled to dive (Cozumel, Mexico)
  • Favorite wreck (Caribsea)
  • Favorite shore dive (Barracuda Hotel)
  • Favorite marine animal (Octopus)
  • Favorite dive movie (Open Water)
  • Certs (Deep, Navigation, Nitrox, Dry, Advances)
  • Coldest water (48 degrees)
  • Year certified (2009)
  • Favorite Reef Dive (Palancar Caves)

Marty Wood

September 2012 Diver of the Month awarded to: Ryan Hopkins

Ryan has enjoyed the spearfishing part of diving the most. He has dove the Indra, Hutton, Suloide, U-352 (Lionfish Round up), Schurz, Novelty, and Fossil Ledge. He looks foward to shooting a lot more fish on future dives. He works at Flander's Filters in Washington and loves being on the water. Thanks Ryan for some great dives.............. 
  • Number of Dives (35)
  • Deepest dive (115ft)
  • Greatest distance traveled to dive (Florida Springs)
  • Favorite wreck (Suloide)
  • Favorite shore dive (Ginnie Springs)
  • Favorite marine animal (Flounder (Good to eat))
  • Favorite dive movie (Into the Blue)
  • Certs (Nitrox, Spearfishing, Navigation)
  • Coldest water (48 degrees)
  • Year certified (2010)

Ryan Hopkins

August 2012 Diver of the Month awarded to: Ted Schroeder

After getting tired of the rain in Oregon, my wife and I threw a dart at a map of the US, hit North Carolina, and decided to move on out.  Hearing about the great shipwreck dives out here, I started talking to Scotty at Pamlico Divers and finally found a dive partner, Lane Guyton, who was willing to dive the wrecks.  Since then, I finally made a dream come true by standing on the deck of a U-boat, even if it was at 115 ft. When I'm not diving, I'm working as a Paramedic in Pitt County (and at Greenville Radiator for my dive money).  Although my wife, Lynnette, wants to stick with snorkeling, my 6 year-old daughter, Autumn, has already had some shallow salt water experience with SCUBA diving.  All I can say is, keep looking for those new underwater experiences, as there are no boring dives!

  • # Dives (36)
  • Deepest dive (115)
  • Longest distance travelled to dive (Oregon)
  • Favorite wreck (U-352)
  • Favorite shore dive (Yaquinea Bay Oregon)
  • Favorite marine animal (Sea Turtle)
  • Favorite Dive movie (Das Boot)
  • Certifications (Navigation, Drysuit, Wreck, & Nitrox)
  • Coldest water dive (48 degrees) 

Ted Schroeder

July 2012 Diver of the Month awarded to: Janet Alligood

Janet currently lives in Maryland and works at NASA Headquarters in Washington, DC, but Washington, NC is home.  She enjoys diving along the east coast exploring wrecks and searching for shark teeth, lobster as well as diving the Caribbean taking pictures of whatever will hold still long enough.  Janet is responsible for introducing Scotty to his addiction to Sour Patch Kids.  Janet has three daughters (also divers) and five grandchildren (eventually divers), really enjoys diving with her nephews Carl and Jay and pseudo nephew Robert.  She enjoys Kayaking, Fishing, Cooking, Music, Traveling, Ice Cold Beer, and hanging out with family and friends.

  •  # of Dives (300)
  • Deepest dive (121 ft)
  • Longest distance to dive (Galapagos Island)
  • Favorite wreck (Spar)
  • Favorite reef (Bonaire)
  • Favorite shore dive (Alice & Wonderland)
  • Fav Marine animal (Seahorse)
  • Favorite dive movie (Jaws)
  • Certifications (Dive Master, Dry Suit, Nitrox, Deep, Wreck, EFR)
  • Coldest water (55 degrees in Maryland)
  • Certified (2002)

Janet Alligood

June 2012 Diver of the Month awarded to: James Bell

James grew up in Las Vegas NV were he learned to SCUBA dive in Lake Mead.  He is currently an aquarium diver at the NC aquarium in Manteo, NC and a wreck diver. James enjoys riding motorcycles, skydiving and playing golf.  In 2008 James was awarded the NC Teacher of the Year Award.  He is currently running virtual education for the State of NC, has two girls that are snorkeling today and want to learn to dive soon.  

  •  # of dives (202)
  • Deepest dive (158ft)
  • Longest distance traveled to dive (South Korea)
  • Favorite wreck dive (The Oriskany)
  • Favorite shore dive (Destin Beach Jetty's)
  • Favorite reef dive (Turtle Canyon, Hawaii)
  • Favorite marine animal (Sandtiger Shark)
  • Favorite Dive Movie (Into the Blue)
  • Certifications; (Advanced, Deep, Search and Recovery, Nitrox, Full Face Mask and Wreck Diver)
  • Coldest water (52degrees on the U-85)
  • Certified (1988)

James Bell

May 2012 Diver of the Month awarded to: Lauren Epler
Lauren loves Scuba diving, the beach, offshore fishing, relaxing with friends, and attending car shows with their 1969 Plymouth Roadrunner.  I have enjoyed diving with lauren for a number of years
  • # of dives (150)
  • Longest distance traveled to dive (Curacao)
  • Favorite reef (Bonaire)
  • Favorite dive movie (Jaws)
  • Favorite wreck dive (Tugboat Curacao (Because of Seahorse's))
  • Deepest dive (132ft)
  • Diving (10yrs)
  • Coldest water dove in (50 degrees)
  • Favorite Marine Life (Sea Turtle)

Lauren Epler

April 2012 Diver of the Month awarded to: Lincoln Zeilman

Lincoln takes his name from his grandmothers side of the family. You see one of Lincoln's cousins was our 16th president Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln loves the outdoors (skydiving, climbing frozen waterfalls, scuba diving, and riding motor cycles)
That is why we get along so good. He enjoys being with his family, diving with his two boys and hopes to get his daughter certified soon. Lincoln loves working with his hands and is the head mechanic at Iron Wood golf course. We look foward to diving with Lincoln for years to come.    
  • # of dives (125)
  • Deepest dive 135'
  • longest distance traveled to dive (Jamaica)
  • Fav. wreck (Spar)
  • Fav. shore dive (Radio Island)
  • Fav. Reef (Cozumel)
  • Fav. marine animal (Turtle)
  • Fav. Dive movie (20,000 leauges under the sea)
  • Certifications (Drysuit, Nitrox)
  • Coldest water 48 degrees
  • Certified 2001

Lincoln Zeilman


March 2012 Diver of the Month awarded to: Tony Manning

Tony has been diving since 2004 and is a member of the Sidney Dive Team in Beaufort County NC.  Tony lives in Washington NC, works with Catfish Diving and Salvage and owns T&M Electric.  

  • # of dives (425)
  • Deepest dive (145ft)
  • longest distance to dive (Bonaire)
  • Favorite wreck dive (U-352)
  • Favorite shore dive (Karpata in Bonaire)
  • Favorite reef diving (Bonaire)
  • Favorite marine animal (Sea Turtle)
  • Favorite dive movie (Into the Blue)
  • Certification classes (OTS repair Tech, Dive Master, Rescue, Dry Suit, Nitrox, CPR/AED/First Aid
  • Coldest water 38 degrees)
Tony Manning (Left)