2017 Dive Calendar


Here we go again! Last year was a blast and we are ready to do it again. If you have a credit still in our system we will just roll it to whatever boat you want to get on.

I have started putting together a calendar for chartering the Bimini Blue for some great NC wreck diving. We are starting out on easy inshore wrecks and will be working our way out to the more offshore wrecks in July and August. The price will be $130 for a 2 tank charter anywhere as far out as the U-boat and $175 for a 3 tank dive. The Bimini Blue is fast, comfortable and a safe dive platform for all dives.   All new safety gear includes, EPIRB, Fire Extinguishers, O2, First Aid Kits, Personal Locator Beacon, new VHF radio and Water Proof Hand Held Radio to name a few. Not to mention all the upgrades I have added over the past 6 months like a back up GPS, Dive Ladder, Tank Racks, Blue Tooth Stereo System, new Anchor System, Underwater Lights for night diving/fishing, 11 gallon Hot Water System for showering and many more. We will plan on the following destinations with it subject to change due to weather, viz, current, ect..

If you are booking a charter this year please make deposit to lock in your seats. We have some new things this year so check them out..

2017 Calendar...

We have been busy booking dive trips already. I have updated the charters to reflect what we have open. If you are booked on a charter please get in touch with us to settle up if you do not have a credit. Hope to see you soon 


May 27th - Aeolus/Spar "Sharks" - 1 spot open

May 28th - Titan shipwreck or rocks for spearing

May 29th - 3 tank inshore spearing/fun shallow dives "Duhamel"

June 3rd - Lionfish Round up and cookout. Few spots still open "on the big boat"

June 4th - Lionfish round up few spots still open "on the big boat"

June 17th - 3 tank flounder round-up

June 18th - 3 tank flounder round up

June 24th - Spearfishing

June 25th - Spearfishing

July 1st - Hutton/Soloide

July 2nd - 3 tank spearing inshore

July 3rd - New Tugs/Indra

July 4th - Flounder/Spearing 3 tank

July 8th - 3 tank inshore

July 9th - 3 tank wrecks, ledges, spearing

July 22nd - "Kyle Harner group" Full

July 23rd - open boat

July 29th - Exploration/spearing dives "ledges" 3 tank

July 30th - Exploration/spearing dives "ledges"3 tank

Let's go diving!!

Bimini Blue